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Thanks OMA!
Our beloved teacher´s Eva was not able to go to our School because she have still SICK too bad i really miss her :( so i was late again in our classes so i didn´t expect all students from Dagmar was there in our room. so ofcourse i was shy on that time because im late hehe. but after 1 hour we went to a MUSEUM . After that ayshe and i are hungry so i told her if she want to eat. she said yeah so we went to Reumanplatz we ate BURGER KING there . "our favorite Burger" hoho. After eating in Reumanplatz, ayshe was going to her Work with her parents.

So ako naman pumunta na ng Doctor because they need my BloodType. so they will give me some medicine for my Acne . i told you guys before i have so many products for acne but its not effective :( so yesterday i was there at my doctor for check up. so my Doctor said she need my bloodtype so i go to another place where the bloodtest is there. you know what guys i have some important to share! While i was looking for the address for my bloodtest i was asking to a OMA if she know this address and yep she told me after that ill go there but im such an IDIOT! because i didnt understand what she said one more thing is becaue im still listening to the music thats why i didnt get her, so while i was walking in a wrong way i didnt expect na hinahabol nya pala ko para sabihin lang sakin na mali yung pinupuntahan ko imagine sobrang hina na siya mag lakad tapos hinabol lang nya ko para lang sabihin na mali yung pinupuntahan ko Offff talagang humanga ako sa kanya super BAIT NYA! she is a really GREAT OMA! sana lahat dito ganon ugali hehe kasi iba dito masusungit kakaiba talaga xa ^^ so was i really touch kung di dahil sa kanya maybe i can´t go to my Doctor :( really great OMA! im really so thankful to her after she told me the correct way. hayss thank you so much OMA!!!

So after that i was already on my Doctor. i got really nervious with needle promise! haha . lalo na sa part nung arms mo hindi mismo sa braso ha i dont know kung anu tawag dun basta nervious talaga ko nung tinawag name ko haha. Nung nakita ko na yung needle haha talagang wala ko magawa kundi lakasan loob ko hahaha. SO when the time nung tinusok na xa haha nawala kaba ko kasi para palang wala lang lol. daming kinuha saking blood! . 2 times ako kinuhanan. kita ko talaga pano kinuha blood ko. as i remember yun ung pinakamatgal akong kinuhanan kasi dami kinuha sakin parang kulang na lang mag aabuloy ng dugo hehe pede na rin. After that parang gusto ko na nga rin mag pabutas ng tenga haha kaso ayaw ng mom ko talaga so i have no choice kundi sundin ang gusto nya hihi. ima good sohn of her lol, anyway till here ! hope you enjoy reading ^^

Posted on 27 March 2009 | At 3:06 PM | 8 comments

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