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i Got Contact lenses!
1st of all i miss blogging! and i just want to thank for those people who are still visiting my blog hehe. anyway yesterday i went thaliastrase and i met Tofou, she is a PINAY hehe, i saw her friendster account before and i was like tired to add her, im bad lol. so she added me ^^ On that time she pm´d me on friendster. and she didn't know that i am a filipino.cuz i was replied her as TAGALOG hehe. anyway after that were just like close and i saw her photo with contact lenses so im started to ask her kung lam nya bilihan ng contact lenses na normal lng without any reciept from doctor. so yesterday i told her if she want to go with me para di na malito pa pag hahanap but too bad she was still sleeping haha so i was there alone and looking for Schlecker Store.

On that time i saw the store but the sales lady told me that they dont have contact lenses. so i was back again to our condo and finally tofou was already woke up haha. so she told me SORRY cuz she was sleeping nga she was came from her work kasi with her monther. so aun i told her SAMAHAN MO NA KASI KO haha so she told me OK. so its my 1st time to meet her yesterday..

so we went to another Schlecker cuz i was wrong pala nung una kong pinuntahan kaya pala super layooo di ko kasi pinatapos muna xa mag salita kaya un sa sobrang kaatatan lol. so anyway we found it already. kaya im really really so thankfull to her! i also meet her mother and her mother is really cool haha, even its my 1st time to met her mother.. and you know what guyz her mother said to me "i like your hair" i was like "hehe THANKS PO!" ^^ hehe im really so happy talaga kung hindi lang talaga kay Tofou malamang matatagalan ako makapag hanap ng contact lenses dito hays. Thanks talaga ^^

anyway di siya masyadong bagay sakin kasi my hair is Orange thingy, i dont know haha. cuz i choose GREEN contact lenses tatlo lang kasi pede pagpilian eh Green Blue and Brown . thats why i choose Green kasi yung lang bagay sa Brown eyes my Natural color eyes kasi is Brown . and also she told me that she will going to go to Phil. this coming june cuz her father was already died last December . so i was like really shocked di ko talaga akalain yun . Condolence na lang Tofou :(

By the way the Contact lense it costs 10 euro the case it costs 3 euro and the Water for contact lense is only 3 euro . all in all is 16 euro. its worth it!
so anyway Thank you so much again Tofou!^^

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Ok here i am again! whoO! and i feel the fresh air ! haha. lol. really . parang bagong panganak lang ako lol.. finally summer is here! thats why im so happy lol well because i can hangout with my friends again wherever we want to go. anyway because summer is here i go out with my friend's Najeeb . i told him if he want to go with me in Kagran where the Mall is there . he told me that theres no problem. so we went there in Kagran and i Bought Pants and Tea Tree Oil. for your information Tea Tree oil is the best to remove your Pimples!yes! as ive read yesterday on internet thats why i was asking to a lady if this is a 100% Tea Tree Oil, and she told me YES! kelangan kasi 100% nabasa ko kasi sa internet wag daw ako bibili ng may halo di masyado epekto, so i bought it. and im so exiting to use it. by the way Pawala na pimples ko i just Bought another 1 because i want to remove my blemish.

Anyway while we are walking in a Mall Some people AGAIN staring at me lol. so my Friend's Najeeb asking me "Why people always staring at you?" and i told him "im a Hollywood! Dont you know?" haha i was joking on that time .. and he was laughing at me haha.

So after that we went to C&A Store . and i Bought 1 Pants . Theres nothing special, i just want it because i want to have new Pants para pag pasok Bago lol :D
so after that we ate Burger i dont know whats the name of the Restaurant as i remember its like a Burger King? or blah blah weh! i dont know! lol. anyway i really dont have an idea cuz i forgot. so anyway heres the photo ^^

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My Jailbroken iTouch 2g
HEy! i just wanna share you my ipod touch 2g (16gb)! and its already Jailbroken :) i like to jailbreak my itouch because you can costumize it! like Themes and much more! One more thing is i love my Themes! And that theme is one of the best theme on Ipod and Iphone. Gawa xa from iTaly the most popular website on ipodtouch for themes and stuffs. i costumized some part of it because the wallpaper is not fit on itouch, actually the theme is for only iPhone. oh anyway the theme is iWood Realized :)u will love my theme for sure :)) i also costmized the upper center of my ipodtouch, as you can see the Clock was changed to "Heavenly" oh yeah haha :D

And oh i love twittering on my itouch haha wherever i am! but i must have Wifi to connect on internet. oh well in our school we have free internet so i got always connected :) One more thing is i love Surfing on internet using my itouch its really cute lol. specially my Blog i was schocked cuz the flash was also working like Lightbox. hmm another one is on my Music album ! belive it or not! i have 61 albums! whuauha. with Artbulm! it looks really cool .. thats why i love my itouch and this is my 1st apple brand :D and i want APPLE LAPTOP TOO LOL!

I just want you to know that i have 135 Application on my itouch :) hoho
One of the best application is iBeer! also iBeer is one of the most popular App on itouch and iPhone, for those have itouch or iphone, iBeer is cool right? ;)

How many times na rin akong nag Restore nito i think five times ! it was really hard everytime you got some problem. but its ok cuz i have copy on my itunes.
Im running 2.2.1 Actually 3.0 are already released . but i dont want to update it to 3.0 because as ive read 3.0 have still BUGS! and theres still no Jailbroken for ipodtouch 2g on 3.0 firmware yet. so i am waiting for it! cuz 3.0 have a Bluetooth! WOW! anyway heres the screenshot from my itouch :)

PS: Happy Birthday to my Nephew´s Kenneth!! love you Kenneth Wish you all the best! And more Bday to come ^^ Ich wünsche dir vor allem Gesundheit und viel Glück auch ^^ Once again Alles gute zum Geburtstag mein liebe Neffe ^^

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The Day
hmm this is a Random post thats why the title is "The day" hehe. ok its our 1st time in Computer Room in our School. because we need to answer our homework on that time. so my partner is ? lol ofcourse AYSHE LOL my sweet friend hehe.. anyway while we are in Computer Room some of my classmate was dancing omg hahahaha. really! she was dancing and the sounds like we are in a Disco lol. everyone laughing because she really like to Dance, our teacher is there and she really like to dance too haha . it was FUN on that time hehe..

after our homework in Computer room we went to a Library. So the library is not yet open on that time, so we wait for 30 mins i think. so we have FUN thingy while we are waiting to open the library and that is PAPARAZZI lol my classmate is so FUNNY pinag kukunan ako haha some of them nagpakuha pa sakin :)) i was laughing on that time they´re really so FUN hehe.

So after that the library was already open. Nagpa Register na muna kami so theres no need to pay everytime you go there and it cost 3 euro only for 1 year. and finally i have my own Card. And i think its time now to make a change lol haha. so i brought 1 book and 2 tapes. i will read it for 2 weeks because we have a vacation this coming weekend. i dont want to go out since i got it now my creme for pimples so i need to care it for 2 weeks lol :D

So tomorrow is our lastday of school before our vacation hehe. so we have party again for tomorrow with D1 and D3 . oh makikita ko nanaman yung mahilig mag jelous lol. if you know what i am talking about, thank you lol. anyway forget about it.

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What´s up Products!
Yeah this is all about products that i used for pimples till now and there is No Effective! i spend my money to buy this because i tot this product will fade my pimples, but damn! its not effective! so i still have pimples from now on. hays im really so F*ck up with this product! nawawalan na pati ako ng tiwala sa mga gnyan asar! they always saying after 3 days! but its a damn liar! i know magkakaiba tayo ng skintype but why they always saying on commercial that this product is good for pimples and after 3 days they will gone? hello to their company of this product lol. hays .. but sometimes its effective i think? but after a few days they will back it again what the hell lol. anyway i spend more than 50 euro i think. but its ok . atleast now i know ;)

anyway another damn thing! as ive said on my last post that i was in BLOODTEST and yeah i got it last monday and the result was really BAD :( so yesterday i went there to my Doctor to show the result of my Bloodtest She said she will not yet give me some Medicine because the result of my Blood is not Good. she gave me some Creme on my Face so i will use it for 4 weeks then she said that i will need again to take some bloodtest at the end of April hayss :(( what a LIFE! BUSTED! i really dont know now whats going now .. Sana yung binigay na Creme sakin for 4 weeks umepektive i feel really so bad :( anyway heres the product that i am talking about -.-

PS: last monday we had some jelous thingy with ayshe and i haha because i told her that "I want to drink some CAFFEE" but she said "Wait i need to eat this 1st" till i feel so bad to her :( so i got jelous to ayshe because of her attitude :( so after that di na ko kumibo like OK! BAHALA KA. after classhour Di ko xa kinikibo till sa pag uwi namin . kasi lagi kami sabay umuuwi nun eh hindi ko xa nilapitan para sabay umuwi so nauna nako nag lakad till malapit na ko sa Station then she run away para tawagin ako she said "Bist du DUM?" (Are you stupid?) di pa rin ako kumikibo on that time.and till i said "I need some Caffee on that time but what are you doing? just like nothing for you!" then she put her hand on my hand lol kaso i was run away from her sobrng selos ko kasi lol. so she saw me on the mirror that i was laughing, i told her please dont put your hand. so di pa rin nya inaalis till nandun na kami sa station lol . now i know that she is a true friend hehe how sweet isn´t? :D but i was serious on that time . pero wala na yun :) pag pasok ko nga kaninang umaga nakita ko xa tapos pinisil ko pisngi nya lol so i just want to proof her that i am not angry to her :D

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