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My Jailbroken iTouch 2g
HEy! i just wanna share you my ipod touch 2g (16gb)! and its already Jailbroken :) i like to jailbreak my itouch because you can costumize it! like Themes and much more! One more thing is i love my Themes! And that theme is one of the best theme on Ipod and Iphone. Gawa xa from iTaly the most popular website on ipodtouch for themes and stuffs. i costumized some part of it because the wallpaper is not fit on itouch, actually the theme is for only iPhone. oh anyway the theme is iWood Realized :)u will love my theme for sure :)) i also costmized the upper center of my ipodtouch, as you can see the Clock was changed to "Heavenly" oh yeah haha :D

And oh i love twittering on my itouch haha wherever i am! but i must have Wifi to connect on internet. oh well in our school we have free internet so i got always connected :) One more thing is i love Surfing on internet using my itouch its really cute lol. specially my Blog i was schocked cuz the flash was also working like Lightbox. hmm another one is on my Music album ! belive it or not! i have 61 albums! whuauha. with Artbulm! it looks really cool .. thats why i love my itouch and this is my 1st apple brand :D and i want APPLE LAPTOP TOO LOL!

I just want you to know that i have 135 Application on my itouch :) hoho
One of the best application is iBeer! also iBeer is one of the most popular App on itouch and iPhone, for those have itouch or iphone, iBeer is cool right? ;)

How many times na rin akong nag Restore nito i think five times ! it was really hard everytime you got some problem. but its ok cuz i have copy on my itunes.
Im running 2.2.1 Actually 3.0 are already released . but i dont want to update it to 3.0 because as ive read 3.0 have still BUGS! and theres still no Jailbroken for ipodtouch 2g on 3.0 firmware yet. so i am waiting for it! cuz 3.0 have a Bluetooth! WOW! anyway heres the screenshot from my itouch :)

PS: Happy Birthday to my Nephew´s Kenneth!! love you Kenneth Wish you all the best! And more Bday to come ^^ Ich wünsche dir vor allem Gesundheit und viel Glück auch ^^ Once again Alles gute zum Geburtstag mein liebe Neffe ^^

Posted on 07 April 2009 | At 11:18 AM | 8 comments

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