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Never Feel SAD
i'm always HAPPY because i feel that i am never ALONE my friends are always at my side. ready to catch me. even the other people that are'nt erally close to me, i love them. just the way they are to me, makes me feel happy. actually i feel im a POPULAR in my school lol.. some of them always says hi. hey "WIE GEHT's? ich sage gut alles ok? ja.. " my friends are one of my inspirations.. i never felt nervous. just being with them, makes me feel really comfortable. This day made me COMPLETE. actually everyday my life is complete.. cuz i always see my crush lol.. and ofcorz u know what happen this day? i have a big problem but i never feel that im so nervous.its like NOTHING! because i think its 10am morning, the police ran after me. i was driving and the stoplight turned red and i didn't notice it.the police gave me warning. i payed 7euro. OMG then after that .. its funny because it was like nothing.few hours after that, i was cracking out with my friends.haha. hmmp! never mind that .it was really NOTHING to me! well i didn't really pay attention to it. cuz its not a BIG DEAL .. if i pay 100euro OMG thats wat we called a BIG DEAL! haha.. Ok another story about my crush .. oh mein gott.. hahaha.. my teacher notice that im really talkative in our classroom.haha.that's why she has to transfer me in another sit.she actually put me in the front. haha. with my CRUSH. omg.. i was like, 'yeah yeah..good thing'. haha being talkative, sometimes helps you. but it'll also get you in trouble. x)) . anyways.. ciao~

Posted on 23 September 2008 | At 3:12 PM | 0 comments
Mit meinen freunden
Its a long long time ago before i found a true friends here in vienna.. and they are so COOL.. and so FUNNY ... im so tahnkfull to God that i found them . i never forget our happining like when its time for RISES in our school.. always drinking a COFFEE den hangout .. we always laughing everytime our teacher's going crazy even its not funny we always laughing.. TAKE NOTE were not INSANE just CRAZY as FUNNY! haha.. and this is the pic last day when we are going to FAHRD just like a MOUNTAIN.. omg. and you know guys? how long we walking ? its 4 hours walking with sufer COLD weather.. and im so thankful that ders no rainy day on that time.. we are so happy together ... i really love them so much as a friend..

Posted on 20 September 2008 | At 10:35 AM | 0 comments

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