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My Favorite Dinner
Wushuuu 1st of all im gonna update again my blog cuz its just a long time ago since im not updating this blog.. cuz we know that im so busy wif my DEUSTCH KURSE .. anyway this is about my FAV dinner.. it was really a long time to think if im gonna post this soon or whatsoever cuz my friend want to see my FAV DINNER .. cuz when we talk each other in YM i always sed im just EATING AGAIN my FAV DINNER.. den he wants to see i sed im going to post it soon if i have time ..cuz it was really tired on tat time to post it.. so this time i am going to post it now.. well this is the "ICE CHOCOLATE".. i always saying this is made by STARBUCKS from my own SELF LOL.. i really love this ICE CHOCOLATE.. i always buy this 2 packs why 2 packs? cuz i put 2 ICE CHOCOLATE cuz im not satisfied if i put only one.. the price is very CHEAP .. it cost 1.90Euro its like 100+ in peso. well i really love this CHOCOLATE SO MUCH.. and also HAMBURGER actually it was ready made.. i just only put in OVEN in 1 min. and 30 sec. ^^

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WHoaa.. after 1 month i finished already my deutsch kurse .. and its really so sad.. cuz i will really miss my classmates specialy my TEACHER PAMELA.. i really miss when im always laughing with my sitmate GORKHAN.. he's a TURKISCH .. i remember when we need to practice each other on how to speak deutsch we always laughing bcuz of our sounds like very BAD lol.. i dunno why.. well i will miss you DUDE! anyway all my classm8 im gonna miss them so much.. hope to see them soon .. well about miss pamela hihi.. i love her so much bcuz shes never mad or angry to me cuz im always laughing with my sitm8 she never get angry on me.. thats why i really like her attitude and also when i dont get understand her. she translate it to english.. OMG i dont know what i am going to say .. im so really SAD well i really hope that i will see them SOON .. and also she gave me a chocolates and i really apreciate it .. it was really so SPECIALY for me.. DANKE SCHON MISS PAMELA!

"Ich Will vermisse so sehr MAM PAMELA!""ICH LIEBE DICH !!!"

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The Book
Hmm.. whats with the BUCH? meaning i like to have this ONE .. because when i was room in our SCHOOL .''THE DEUTSCH KURSE''. my old dictionary is INCOMPLETE WORDS so i try to looking for inNEWONE with 150.000 words.. i think this is OK than my old dictionary.. cuz sometimes i need a complete words because sometimes i can't find it with my old dictionary maybe this one my new BUCH is FINE NOW.. so im just calling to my mom when i was der in MCDO i told her MOM PLEASE I NEED A NEW DICTIONARY for my school and that is ENG-DEUTSCH BUCH cuz the old single DICTIONARY is not GOOD .. some words are missing.. she said "ok i'll try to call ur uncle if he have another DICTIONARY" .. then after that my mom called me then she said maybe you need to buy cuz uncle georg dont have another dictionary i said ok .. den she said we need to meet in VOLKSTHEATRE den i said ok.. den when we are in volkstheatre my mom and i are stopped where in the STORE have some BOOKS.. den my mom and i, can't see the DICTIONARY my mom told me try to ask them then ok.. i said to the lady "Sie Haben WorterBUCH?'' she said "i will try to check it" .. then the lady and i back to the place wer my mom is der.. my mom she take it already.. den im afraid that she already found then i said OMG thats TOO BIG haha .. den i said "ITS OK" .. cuz this is good than old one.. anyway heres the picture of WORTERBUCH i really like it . lol..

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Missing You
Ohhh Emily T_____T i really miss you!! i really misssss you so much!!! huhu .. i dont know what i am going to say about you cry cry cry >.> i just miss you! i miss our hang out when i was in the phils. and i miss our LAUGH when we are in HIGH SCHOOL .. and u know that you are my 1st BESTFRIEND when i was in high school .. i miss the CHINESE STICK you remeber ? hays everytime i remember our bonding i was like IDIOT i was thinking "WHAT A LIFE?" also i remember the last time that we met before i left in the philippine. our bonding when we are in Laguna i remember our laughing our smiling our communication to each other .. hayss.. i miss you T_T
here's our favorite noodles :'[

i really miss that. hayss.. i dont know whats the next .. T_T but i hope we were going to hang out again if ever i have time to visit in the phils. i know youre busy in ur school and i know that you are so SMART!! thats why u always focus in ur study.. ok till here i just missing you EMHZ!!! mwhuaxxx :'(

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1st Day School
i really expect i have so many pilipino classm8t .. but its a BIG NO! huhuhu and and i never expect also deutsch is very very HIGH! dont u know what i mean? den NO hihihi.. and i will NEVERRRR expect pure deutsch because shes speaking deutsch not ENGLISH . OMG.. im really so NERVIOUS on that time.. my teacher always saying ARE you NERVIOUS guyS? they said NOOO we are so FINE XD gut gut gut XP but i enjoy it even i dont have friends YET X( bcuz i dont have PILIPINO CLASSM8 uhuhuhuhuhuhu hayss.. i hope nxt month i had pilipino classmate bcuz its a WHOLE YEAR when i start this coming SEPTEMBER .. some of my classm8t are from Afganhistan ,i dont remeber some of them.. but i was really SHOCKED bcuz i really dont know what mam's said at the very 1st time shes speaking DEUTSCH and i was really nervious huuhhuhu but GOD always by my side.. so sometimes i dont get nervious .. hayss.. and this is my moment in the very 1st day school here in asutria. after the class hour.. im really so HUNGRY cuz i forget to eat lunch b4 i left here in our condo my mom always remind me u must eat b4 u go to school but i didn't uhhu SORRY mom.. thats why im go to the LUGNER CITY and im just eating and eating until i was shocked again haha i never expect my order is 3pieces of chicken nuggets T_T oh mein got... then i said to the lady.. "sie haben plastic" cuz i want to take out my chicken nuggets den after that the lady said OK.. den i was shocked and just laugh hahaha bcuz she gave me a plastic spoon XDDDDDDD den i said "NEIN" den i speak english now bcuz i dont know in deutsch haha i said I NEED PLASTIC CCUZ I WANT TO TAKE OUT MY ORDER.. den she said ASOOO... i said YEAH.. DANKE . soo that was my 1st day FULL OF SHOCKED! X( so till here guys.. hope you enjoy reading my 1st day schooling XP

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