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i Got Contact lenses!
1st of all i miss blogging! and i just want to thank for those people who are still visiting my blog hehe. anyway yesterday i went thaliastrase and i met Tofou, she is a PINAY hehe, i saw her friendster account before and i was like tired to add her, im bad lol. so she added me ^^ On that time she pm´d me on friendster. and she didn't know that i am a filipino.cuz i was replied her as TAGALOG hehe. anyway after that were just like close and i saw her photo with contact lenses so im started to ask her kung lam nya bilihan ng contact lenses na normal lng without any reciept from doctor. so yesterday i told her if she want to go with me para di na malito pa pag hahanap but too bad she was still sleeping haha so i was there alone and looking for Schlecker Store.

On that time i saw the store but the sales lady told me that they dont have contact lenses. so i was back again to our condo and finally tofou was already woke up haha. so she told me SORRY cuz she was sleeping nga she was came from her work kasi with her monther. so aun i told her SAMAHAN MO NA KASI KO haha so she told me OK. so its my 1st time to meet her yesterday..

so we went to another Schlecker cuz i was wrong pala nung una kong pinuntahan kaya pala super layooo di ko kasi pinatapos muna xa mag salita kaya un sa sobrang kaatatan lol. so anyway we found it already. kaya im really really so thankfull to her! i also meet her mother and her mother is really cool haha, even its my 1st time to met her mother.. and you know what guyz her mother said to me "i like your hair" i was like "hehe THANKS PO!" ^^ hehe im really so happy talaga kung hindi lang talaga kay Tofou malamang matatagalan ako makapag hanap ng contact lenses dito hays. Thanks talaga ^^

anyway di siya masyadong bagay sakin kasi my hair is Orange thingy, i dont know haha. cuz i choose GREEN contact lenses tatlo lang kasi pede pagpilian eh Green Blue and Brown . thats why i choose Green kasi yung lang bagay sa Brown eyes my Natural color eyes kasi is Brown . and also she told me that she will going to go to Phil. this coming june cuz her father was already died last December . so i was like really shocked di ko talaga akalain yun . Condolence na lang Tofou :(

By the way the Contact lense it costs 10 euro the case it costs 3 euro and the Water for contact lense is only 3 euro . all in all is 16 euro. its worth it!
so anyway Thank you so much again Tofou!^^

Posted on 23 April 2009 | At 1:09 PM | 7 comments

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