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ArgGghhHHh!! This is it! hayss.. The most important to all people starting from 18 years old and up! Yes we know that 18 and up all u want to do is u can do.. NO! im one of that.. Im 18 now but im still can't do something that i really want.. like..

NO More Smoking
NO More Loud Music

oh my god! so what can i do? Atleast im not the person like DRUGGER! I wan't to be HAPPY WITH MY LIFE.. I'm 18 years old now but im still like GROUNDED! I'm not saying this because i wan't to get all of this.. but the most important for me is MUSIC! but what can i do? im going to turn off music and stop listening?OMG.. I hope this is not the reason ..i can't understand them. that's why sometimes i was like IGNORANT. Im telling you ! im just only TIRED on that time! Hope they understand me. and the most i hate it. STOP SHOUTING ME! hayss, please STOP IT i really wan't to be HAPPY!!!!!!!! :[[

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Omg I'm too Bad!
I forgot his B-day!! huhuhu I'm BAD.. i just remembered when i go to my utube account.. and i saw the video greetings that i made for him last OCTOBER 14 2007 and that's the date of his B-DAY .. and i go to the website of AsianFanatics to check on what happened to him and how's he.. then i was shocked! when i saw the last pages .. They greeted all our Opa LEE DONGHAE .. and i saw the date right now! OMG its November 14!!! and i forget his B-Day!! OMGG.. im really so BAD :[ I'm so sorry for him :[[ because i was so lazy since im here now in austria, and i was lazy since im started to take a DeutschKurse.. and one more thing is since i left in SUJUPHILS when i was in the phils..But not really i was like busy on that time .. But as you can see guys.. i love this GUY! cuz he's a Profesional Dancer for me and i love how his Sang.. as a member of Super Junior. Im really sorry for the LATE GREETINGS! so You're 22 now.. if im not mistaken :] he still looks like 18 hoho :P

so You're 22 now.. if im not mistaken lol. he still looks like 18 hehe :P
anyway i just want to say..


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Happy B-day Journey
Oh its your time to SHINE! hahaha :)) peace.. ok i think u didn't think if i will really post this B-DAY GREETING.. huh? are you CRAZY? lol. anyway.. all i wan't to say is "HAPPY BDAY TO YOU" i hope u're always happy unlike me.. haha.. This guy is super SMART ... I met him on internet When i was a member of SAMSTERS.. also he is the one who GRANTED my wish for my bday hoho. Until now i keep his gift as a remember of our friendship hehe .. also he is the one that i met as RICH KID lol haha and just understood that i don't have GIFT for you. ok? haha. Im Sorry because i Don't have still work.. so SORRY hehe.. Anyway always take care your self! ^^

lets count 1-3 lol 1,2,3

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