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Lee Donghae's Messages
Oh well i just wanna share to all of you this messages from donghae to all his FANS..and i was so happy when i saw this messages from him weeee. Anyway here's the messages..

DongHae's Message to everyone...

"Hi everyone i'm super junior's donghae.Though yesterday has already gone by, i wanna say thanks to all those who as given me loads of love.I'm really greatful to everyone who gave their support to me dispite my mistakes, and tho i still make mistakes, i feel really thankful to all those that are there for me.The person i wanna thank most is my dad who's always watching over me. Thank You.^^Can i really be loved by everyone? Everytime this thought surfaces, i feel really apologetic. i'm sorry.In future, i would still make mistakes in front of everyone, afterall..nobody is perfect right?I will become the donghae that works really hard before everyone.Though we keep saying this but still, STAY HEALTHY! don't fall sick~!!I hope everything will be successful for everyone.Once again..I LOVE YOU GUYS, THANK YOU.YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST~!!SJ's strength...E.L.F I LOVE YOU ALL!!"

Posted on 19 October 2007 | At 9:44 AM | 0 comments

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