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Ok here i am again! whoO! and i feel the fresh air ! haha. lol. really . parang bagong panganak lang ako lol.. finally summer is here! thats why im so happy lol well because i can hangout with my friends again wherever we want to go. anyway because summer is here i go out with my friend's Najeeb . i told him if he want to go with me in Kagran where the Mall is there . he told me that theres no problem. so we went there in Kagran and i Bought Pants and Tea Tree Oil. for your information Tea Tree oil is the best to remove your Pimples!yes! as ive read yesterday on internet thats why i was asking to a lady if this is a 100% Tea Tree Oil, and she told me YES! kelangan kasi 100% nabasa ko kasi sa internet wag daw ako bibili ng may halo di masyado epekto, so i bought it. and im so exiting to use it. by the way Pawala na pimples ko i just Bought another 1 because i want to remove my blemish.

Anyway while we are walking in a Mall Some people AGAIN staring at me lol. so my Friend's Najeeb asking me "Why people always staring at you?" and i told him "im a Hollywood! Dont you know?" haha i was joking on that time .. and he was laughing at me haha.

So after that we went to C&A Store . and i Bought 1 Pants . Theres nothing special, i just want it because i want to have new Pants para pag pasok Bago lol :D
so after that we ate Burger i dont know whats the name of the Restaurant as i remember its like a Burger King? or blah blah weh! i dont know! lol. anyway i really dont have an idea cuz i forgot. so anyway heres the photo ^^

Posted on 10 April 2009 | At 6:54 PM | 7 comments

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