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Welcome 2009!
Yeah another New year will come! And this is my 1st time to celebrate the New Year in austria.. and yeah i dont feel it .. unlike when i was in the phils. December 1 people in the phil. started to feel the spirit of christmas though dec. 25 is not coming yet.. But here? i can't feel it.. but its ok .. im still waiting for 12:00 midnight. The New year will come ! Im so excited to see how cool the fireworks are .. And i really I love watching Fireworks .. I know most of the people love it .. specialy Childrens ryt? hehe. But i remembered my mom said last week. The New Year Here was Nice .. Ohryt let me see..

My New Year's Resolution: Unmaterials:

New Life- im so F*cking bored this 2008 T_T
More Friends here- i want to be socialize with them..
More Happiness- to be honest im not happy here but i hope this coming 2009 :]
Perfect Deutsch- Yeah i want to perfect my deustchkurse :]
More Blessing from God- i need more from him he's the one of the greatest of all ;]]
Job- i want to have a partime Job :[

My New Year's Resolution: Materials:

New Laptop- Apple Brand weeew ^^
New Cellphone- Iphone lol :]]
New Mp3- Ipod Touch oh ha another new apple Brand haha..
New Canon Cam- yeah i love taking pic e? :P

Thats all i want for this coming 2009 :D OMG.. almost 10 Hours to go ! im so exited .. Anyway guys i dont know what i am going to say now.. But i will post here tomorrow about my experience New year ^^ Once again!

Happy New Year to all my family in the Philippines!

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Last Friends
Finally I've already finished watching "LAST FRIENDS" i started to watch this last night at 12:00 midnight .. from Episode1 to Episode 5 I didn't finished all Episode, because i was so tired and sleepy. so i decided to continue when i woke up in the morning..But after all that I've already finished all Episodes. Anyway This is a very Controversial Show ..

The 5 Cast named by :

* Nagasawa Masami as Aida Michiru * Nishikido Ryo as Oikawa Sosuke
* Ueno Juri as Kishimoto Ruka * Eita as Mizushima Takeru
* Mizukawa Asami as Takigawa Eri

Every Cast has own Character..

Aida Michiru for Love Oikawa Sosuke for Contradiction Kishimoto Ruka for Liberation Mizushima Takeru for Agony Takigawa Eri for Solitude

This is the Description about Last Friends:
Last Friends tackles issues that afflict the current generation. Michiru's mother has brought a man back to their home and she is bullied at her workplace where she works as a beauty parlour assistant. She starts cohabiting with her boyfriend, a good young man who works at the Child Welfare Division and the only person who can give her emotional support, but ends up the victim of domestic violence and becomes fearful of love. The boyishly charming Ruka was a classmate of Michiru's in junior high school. She has performed brilliantly as a motocross racer and aims to win the national championship, but as the story progresses, a deep worry that she can neither confide in her parents or close friends grows evident. Takeru is a hair and makeup artist acquainted with Ruka. He is a good confidant to females due to his kindness and perceptiveness, and finds himself attracted to Ruka but has a phobia of sex as a result of a past trauma. The three of them become house mates and through their associations with others, gain the capacity to be positive about life.

My Summary:

Michiru has no Boyfriend Sosuke Ask Michiru if it is ok if she will be with him.. So Michiru said She will asked 1st to her mother . So michiru was already confirm that she will be with Sosuke's House.. Michiru and Souske was so happy together .. Michiru had a Bestfriend when she was High School.. her Bestfriend is Ruka .. Ruka is a Boyish and she was Charmin . Michiru Doesn't know that Ruka has inlove to her So Ruka still hiding her feelings to her BestFriend's Michiru.Because she was Afraid to lost her Bestfriend to her side..

When the time Michiru woke up in the morning at Sosuke's House.. She saw Sosuke was reading a txt messages using her phone, the txt messages came from her Bestfriend's Ruka.. Sosuke starting to angry to his Girlfriend's Michiru .. He was asking if who is Ruka.. Michiru said Her just Bestfriend when she was in HS.. Sosuke can't still believed thats why Sosuke Started to make violence to his GirlFriend.. Sosuke want's her proof if it is true that Ruka is a Girl.. But Michiru said it was only her bestfriend. at the very 1st time Sosuke has feeling that Ruka Love's his Girlfriend as a Relationship.. Sosuke was angry on that time .. He still need a proof from his Girlfriend . So Michiru Back to her mother's House where the picture album with Ruka is there.. Michiru was nervious on that time.. she was hurry up while she was finding a picture album with her Bestfriend's Ruka..

Sosuke has no Patience and he is a selfish person.. All he wanted is to be with his girlfriend all the time.. Michiru worked at a Parlor where the place she always waiting her boyfriend.. Like what ive said Sosuke has no patience .. thats why everytime michiru comes late to his hause he was hitting his girlfriend like HARRASMENT . he was always kick and spank his girlfriend.. Michiru is so poor because of her boyfriend.

When Ruka saw that her bestfriend Michiru had a big Contusion on her face .. She wanted to join on a Sharehouse when Takeru and Eri is there .. Michiru started to join there, because She doesn't like her boyfriend on that time.. When michiru at a ShareHouse with her 3 friends.. She was still have feelings to Sosuke.. So michiru started to like her boyfriend again.. Sosuke convising his girlfriend that she must comeback to his hause.. Sosuke promied to his Girlfriend that he will never do it all the painful.. So michiru Comback to his hause again..

Michiru started to work again in a Parlor .. So michiru had a Boy Costumer While michiru is working at their parlor.. She saw her boyfriend .. Sosuke saw that his girlfriend has a Boy Costumer.. Sosuke was started to angry again to his Girlfriend.. Sosuke doesn't like to see his girlfriend with a boy costumer ..

After that He was Abusing michiru again at his hause.. While Ruka started to worry about her Bestfriend.. So Ruka ,Eri and Takeru has started to protected their Bestfriend's Michiru.. Michiru was Comback Again to the ShareHouse .. While her Boyfriend still hunting her..

Sosuke called Ruka to come at his hause.. When Ruka at Sosuke's hause.. Ruka started to tell it the thruth about her feelings to Michiru.. Ruka said that she really love Michiru .. So Sosuke started to make angry to her.. He was started to hit Ruka ..

After all that.. Michiru missing her boyfriend's Sosuke.. Michiru started to back her boyfriend again..because Sosuke called michiru on that time.. Sosuke said on the phone that he was already packed all clothes of michiru.. so michiru was comeback to his house to get all the pack of her clothes.. But on that time they have trouble again.. because Sosuke wants to be his side forever.. But Michiru said "i was already broke up with you" so Sosuke was shocked on that time.. Sosuke started to hit his girlfriend again where the night he RAPE his own girlfriend.. After he raped his girlfriend. Michiru said if he will stop hurting all her friends she will be with him forever. (michiru was cried while shes was saying)

After that, Sosuke left on his room .. And he was take all the photos of Michiru with her all friends at ShareHouse.. While he was looking all the pictures he was also crying on that time .. Michiru was started to woke up in the morning.. and he saw Sosuke was already DEATH .. because of "Suicide" Maybe Because he realised all the wrong things that he has done!

Michiru started to Cry over her boyfriend.. while she was hugging sosuke .. She can't belived on that time... After all .. She come back to her old place where she and her monther is there before.. She was started to vomit at her worked place.. michiru is pregnant on that time.. So she was going to the Doctor for the Checkup.. She was very lonely when she know that she is pregnant because she was crying about her Boyfriend.. She told her to herself that she will be going to support her baby even without her boyfriend..

After that Ruka and Takeru started to find their Bestfriend's Michiru.. They want to know if Michiru was ok ... Because it was a long time ago since Michiru will not comback to a ShareHouse.. Where the place she was happy with all her friends before..

After that Ruka and Takeru has already saw Michiru . and they will go to michiru's house .. they convinced to comeback michiru at ShareHouse in Tokyo..So they will going to be Happy again with all her friends ..

So michiru ,ruka ,takeru and michiru with her baby girl was already in tokyo.. where the sharehouse is there.. Michiru was Happy without her boyfriend because She had a friends that will going to protected herself.. after a few hours Michiru went to a cemetery where the place her boyfriend was there.

After all that they was Happy together with a new Baby from Michiru and Sosuke.. "My Dear Friends, You are my Last Friends!"

All i can say is: Hayyss.... You know guys i was super shocked because of the Story.. i cried 5 times where Michiru cried to her boyfriend because of Suicide.. T_T And that's one and only my memoroble on this JD. i was really cried on that time .. i feel so sorry for Michiru .. imagine she was pregnant on that time hayss poor michiru.. ok guys i really dont know now what i am going to say... i was speechless because of this Japanese Drama.. Anyway im started to love the OST of "Last Friends" .. Prisoner Of Love by: Utada Hikaru Im sorry for some incomplete Source about this .. like Eri and Takeru.. Im inviting you to watch their Show! you will feel how much you love your boyfriend/girlfriend!

grrrrrrr.. OMG im crying haha.. i can't stop it sorry T_T ok i will stop now here i can't say anything :[[[[[

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It's a Christmas Day
Ohryt! 1st of all i would like to say HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! .. oh yeah! and this is my 1st time to celebrate the Christmas day in austria.. anyway this entry is super duper RANDOM but , it's all about Christmas ^^ ok i'll start now.. Yesterday my mom called me on the phone .. she said "have you seen the gift from your step father?" i said "no.. why? is there anything gift for me?" she said yeah.. and hell yeah i saw the paper gift in our sofa.. and i was shocked because i did'nt expect that he would give me a gift this christmas.. and you know what is it? its Transcend USB with 16GB .. ^^ imagine 16GB? lol.. yeah because he knows that i have more files in my laptop ..

Anyway our Christmas tree is super CUTE! hihi cuz my mom said we dont need a very big christmas tree, yeah i agree .. because we dont have any visitors.. normaly her friends wants to come in our condo but my mom said NO.. because we're going to our town .. we're just going to hangout with my stepad.. and i have some picture in our town.. it was really nice Night.. like a romantic place that you will love it !..

so its Christams yah? so i made a simple c-card for my father ^^ even i won't to send him.. i made this to put only in my side.. i just keep my work for him .. i just believe to God that he will going to send him on what i have wrtitten for him.. ^^ so, God thanks ^^

So do you think guys this is the last entry about my Christmas day? NO! ^^ I want to thank those people who greet me this Christmas.. 1st of all.. My beloved Father he's the one who greet me... thank you pa! ^^

And i would like to greet my Beloved family.. Grandmother ,Grandfather ,Father ,Mother ,Stepad ,Uncle ,Aunt ,Cousin ,Brother ,Sister ,Nephew! in short.. Blanquisco,Villanueva,Buenvenida,Ilaya and Eichinger Family ! i really love them! They are my 1st priority in my Life! i was thankful to God that all my family in Manila was ok now.. but i have still problem that im really worried about it.. But he was now ok but not really. I hope God will give him a strenght .. Me and my father have faithfulwhy he is very important to me to God i still remember when i was kinder We're always going to Church every Sunday.. but when I started HighSchool i think i haven't go every sunday to the church because of being LAZY .. i have so many Sin to our God .. But i always Pray evry night before i sleep.. also im so thankful to my father cuz he's the one who told me that i must pray every night.. and yeah i always do it until now. thats why he is my very important for me.. I pray that God will take good care of him ..

I would like to thank to my Bestfriend Michelle.. cuz she called me on the phone.. to greet me a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS..! i really love this girl cuz she was a kind of person that im looking for as a Bestfriend but sometimes i hate this girl haha cuz everytime she's offline on YM. im getting angry to her haha.. well she knows that shes the only one who makes me laugh everyday.. And Im so thankful to God that he gave me a Good Bestfriend like her.

And oh!the girl that always makes me laugh too when i was in the phils. and she's Crizel! i remember when i was still in the phils. if i have a problem she always advicing me .. she was really helpful.. though i was shocked last time because of her behaviour she is a Good Girl now! because she was not like that before when we were in HighSchool.. she was like She dont like me before! haha.. But the time she's in Netherland and when i started to have a conversation with her.. oh mehn She is Good at me now.. anyway thank you for the greeting XheL! ^^

And my two Bestfriends Here in austria.. Ayshe and Hulya .. i really love them both.. as my entry before i’ve mention about this two girls .. i greet them last morning and they greet me too ^^ aww.. to be honest i miss them. i miss our laughing in our school. they're my sweetiest friend! I just wanna say Goodluck and have a nice Christmas to them! love you more guys! ^^ and I just wanna greet a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS to my Teachers.. and they are Eva and Dagmar! i hope they will enjoy this christmas day! love you mam! ^^

Anyway thanks for all the people who greeted me on Friendster also here in my blogie.. thanks guys.. My neighbors in phils. thanks to all.. My other friends in Ym thank u so much for the greeting.. also in MSN! ^^


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Belated happy Bday Chuchu
aww.. it was late again .. why why why? :[ because im so lazy to post .. actually all my bday greetings on my blog was so late.. anyway.. Who's that bday girl? .. WHO? ladies and gentlemen i would like you to know our bday girl.. ten-tenen-nen-tenen!! haha :D Angel!!! she is our bday girl .. her bday is last December 20.. i have few sentence that i want to say about this girl.. ok lets start.. She was a girl like an EMO? nope! but my 1st impression to her at the very 1st time that i saw her. she was like an EMO.. but i told her are you one of them? she told me "no im not". and yeah she wasn't .. cuz i saw her profile on friendster she has info about herself and that is "IM NOT EMO I JUST LIKE TO WEAR WHAT I HAVE" maybe like that im not really sure because it was a long time ago before.. and her profile was updated now and i saw her info about herself was already changed.. but thats my pointing to her about her info, before she updated her profile.. anyway.. yeah she was not like an Emo but im sure, if you saw her at the very 1st time .. you will think first, that she was an EMO GIRL :D She really doesn't like to call her EMO because she isn't like that... ok i think this is enuff about her haha .. and i really want to say sorry for her cuz she told me that she want me to make a video for her as a gift, but.. because im so lazy to make it.. i didn't make a video for her bday :[ sorry angel.. im really sorry.. anyway
My wishes for her bday:

I wish you good health!
GOODLUCK to your study!
Stay kind!
Stay SEXY! haha (pepsi as sexsi lol)

thats all i want to say for her bday.. Once again! Belated Happy B-day Angel!

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Three weeks vacation
Hayss.. Again 3 weeks vacation :[[[[ Why im said? because i hate vacation lol.. (i think im the only one who hate VACATION lol) im telling you the truth i hate it.. because what i am going to do again? Imagine 3 weeks vacation? ok, my last vacation is 2 weeks but do you know what im doing on my last vacation? NOTHING! im just only in our condo .. i don't know what i am going to do again and i dont have anything plan for the whole 3 weeks, even to hangout with my friends? NO! because all my friends will go back to their own country for 2 weeks vacation.. actually im only one stundent from our school that will going to stay here in Austria because we know that too much money you need to spend for it. That's why i was like "PLEASE im so jealous i want to go to philipines.." Because im so missing now my relatives there. but the problem is i dont have still work here im still continuing my Deutschkurse here... TT_TT that's why i dont have money for that vacation .. im so pooorr :[ i think i'll just make enjoy my vacation until my friends will go back here after 2 weeks .. so i have 1 week to enjoy my vacation with my friends ^^ So thats it.. Anyway tomorrow we will having a Christmas Party in our school.. so yeah!!

i'll make them happy before our vacation haha . Ofcourse i'll miss my two teachers.. Dagmar and EVA!! ^^ i really love them both .. hays "meine liebe lehrerin" And ohh.. last day of classes yesterday i've already recived my HOMEWORK with 12 pages haha and after the Christmas party in our school my friend and i went to a City where the place has a Big mall and after that im so tired.. so im already home at 5pm in the afternoon.. And because im so bored on that time.. I answered the half pages of my homework and while im answering my homework ,OMG .. i really miss being a GOOD STUDENT haha :P yeah .. evrytime i got homework i really want to finish it after came from school.. thats what i am! haha ^^ and oh ofcourse i didn't finish yet my assignment cuz like what ive said that was 12 pages! :] so i've already finished the 6 pages of my homework.. so i have still 6 pages.. maybe i will do it later if ever i become bored again.. and i have so many time for that haha.. So i'll rest and i'll enjoy my vacation 1st hihi.. The important is i've already answered the 6 pages of my homework.. Ok, because im become so tired now i need to go to my bed ... Night night readers.. ^^

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Ice Skating
Hey! i just came from Ice Skating and it was really so FUN! .. Actually it's a part of sports in our school .. and im definitely so exited on that time .. and actually i dont like Ice skating when i was in the phils. and even if i'll go in SM i won't it cuz i dont know how.. but finally here when im starting to skate here omg.. i really dont know whats going on im defintely like NOOB haha.. so i try it to make it slow while im skating.. on the 2nd time i try to make it faster and WOW! i got it ! i can do faster now but im still noob haha unlike others never fall down.. but me? omg i can't count mine.. to be honest more than 20 plus ! and my teacher's DAGMAR said hey jerevy! how many fall down have u done haha. i said 100 plus haha im just kidding on that time because my mam asking me .. so thats it .. i can do faster but sometimes i still got fall down. everytime i will stop it i really can't stop it and i can't really balance my body when the time i will going to stop at the end.. so i got always fall down.. T_T and after 30 minutes i think.. i feel my foot was hurting on that time.

and oh! i got wound huhu.. because of the Ice Skating shoe is not really good it makes me so hurt on my foot. so everytime i move my foot it was really hurt.. so i got 2 wound on my left and Right foot .. and it was really hurt .. but i still enjoyed it haha, because i love Ice skating on that time.. actually i'm looking forward to buy a Ice Skating Shoe here and i already told it to my mom that i wan't it . because if ever i'll go back there, I don't need to Pay more than 6Euro haha :]]

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after four hours
While im watching X-factor on Live streaming media on Internet. and my connection was very slow, thats why i got Hang while im watching. ofcors it was iritating .. i can't understand what they're saying, becaused of my connection. I was tired on that time so i tried to open all my sites on Net and i saw my blogie, And i was thinking if i'll going to chnaged my themes, and Yes i've already decided to changed it. So i try to remake and to make a new Neat. And i think its really cool.. Yes! after 4 hours, i've already finished updating my blog.. and this is it.. hays starting from 11:30pm i've finished updating till 3:30am.. and my eyes was like o_O i can't do anything else after a few seconds so i try to standby and try to relax for a few seconds . so my eyes was ok now, oh mehn i feel i got EYEBAG . anyway its ok atleast i've already finished my themes .. BUT... And after updating my blogie i was schoked because my mom was knock on my door so i dont know what im going on.. so i try to starring her, and i said "i have some important to do mom, dont worry im going to sleep after this" so my mom was like "Arrggg" seriously im scared to my mom i can't do anything a bad for her. Because she was really stricted Mother. and after that i can't moved my body haha i was like really "SCARED TO HER" cuz i know she will shouting me haha but.. she didn't haha oh thanks GOD ^_^.. so til' here guys! Hope you enjoy reading ! and im hoping that you will really like my new themes! ciao! ^_^

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Belated happy Bday PaPa
Bad Bad Bad! huhu I'm really so Bad :[[ Im really sorry for my BELOVED DAD :[ Because i forget his B-day .. his B-day is last September 24. Gawd i think you can call me now as a BAD CHILD of him.. I'm really too late yah.. but not really because the important is i've never forget to greet HIM here .. I have no idea what i am going to say 1st.. but the most important i love him.. And Im so thankful to God that he gave me a FATHER LIKE HIM, I remember, Since when i was child he really love to care me all the time. I also remember when he was from worked and i was cried over him because of TOYs, So he brought me one after he came from worked. thats how he loves me.. thats why i really really really LOVE my dad..

my wish for him..

Wish you good health!
Goodluck and take care always!
More Blessings from GOD!
And more HAPPINNESSS to come you! (even you're not behind me)
Love you DAD!

Dad im really so sorry for the LATE GREETINGS.. But you dont have to worry Dad cuz i will do my best to tell it to Mom to give you a Great Blessings from her .. im going to tell it to her to give you a GIFT that you want.. I LOVE YOU DAD! you're the BEST DAD ever !

Once again ...


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