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The Day
hmm this is a Random post thats why the title is "The day" hehe. ok its our 1st time in Computer Room in our School. because we need to answer our homework on that time. so my partner is ? lol ofcourse AYSHE LOL my sweet friend hehe.. anyway while we are in Computer Room some of my classmate was dancing omg hahahaha. really! she was dancing and the sounds like we are in a Disco lol. everyone laughing because she really like to Dance, our teacher is there and she really like to dance too haha . it was FUN on that time hehe..

after our homework in Computer room we went to a Library. So the library is not yet open on that time, so we wait for 30 mins i think. so we have FUN thingy while we are waiting to open the library and that is PAPARAZZI lol my classmate is so FUNNY pinag kukunan ako haha some of them nagpakuha pa sakin :)) i was laughing on that time they´re really so FUN hehe.

So after that the library was already open. Nagpa Register na muna kami so theres no need to pay everytime you go there and it cost 3 euro only for 1 year. and finally i have my own Card. And i think its time now to make a change lol haha. so i brought 1 book and 2 tapes. i will read it for 2 weeks because we have a vacation this coming weekend. i dont want to go out since i got it now my creme for pimples so i need to care it for 2 weeks lol :D

So tomorrow is our lastday of school before our vacation hehe. so we have party again for tomorrow with D1 and D3 . oh makikita ko nanaman yung mahilig mag jelous lol. if you know what i am talking about, thank you lol. anyway forget about it.

Posted on 02 April 2009 | At 1:35 PM | 8 comments

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