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GoodBye my BestFriend
Aww.. i will really miss you so much! i dont know what will happen to me without you.. maybe i will always remember you everytime im on school.. dont forget our friendship dont forget all the things that we've done! remember you are my very 1st Bestfriend here in Austria so dont forget our friendship ^^ hey hulya i will really miss you! i will REALLY REALLY MISS YOU! :[

What happen to her?
she will going to transfer it to another school because she can't speak deustch in proper..hayss hulya.. "du bist meine liebe freund" :[ maybe i can't focus on study without you here in my side :[ but i will try my best to keep studying without you :[
i will miss our laughing while we are in the same place.. our cute smiling hehe our drinking Coffee every Rises and our Good Friendship :[

hulya i hope we can do it this again .. huhu .. i hope u can find more friends in ur new School and i hope u can do it all ur BEST for ur future! we will miss you! even Ayshe still here in my side but i think its not enough to makes me happy without you :[ i will never forget you hulya and please dont forget to smile even we are not in the same place. dont mind us . just focus to ur study :[

I know we are still going to see each other but its not enough for me without you in the same place, but i have no choice, so all i have to do is to think that you are always fine .. i hope someday we can speak deustch perfectly ! Auf Wiedersehen meine liebe freund!

"Ich Liebe Dich mein Freund Hulya!" :[

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It's Snowing
weee It's Snowing again.. and finally this is my 1st post about SNOW lol.. because i was tired to post this last two months. just so you know i was bored to update this blog.. so it's time now to update it and here i am to post about SNOW.. anyway im so inlove everytime snow will come .. Snow makes me really HAPPY . really! :]] because i feel im so inlove with it! i love playing snow with my friends too .. i think i've already mentioned here about playing snow with my friends.. i guess :D anyway just forget about it! and heres the photo that i've taken in our Garden, i've also taken infront of my room ..

COOL isn't? hoho .. anyway i dont know what i am going to say now so till here guys and thanks for reading ^^ ciao :]

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Bowling and Cooking
Yesterday it's time for Grouping again .. actually every Tuesday ..
all Section from D1 D2 D3 we will combine it. all Boys and all girls. so we played Bowling all boys yesterday and i was not in CONDITIONED because im so tired to play bowling and it was really COLD but i have no choice lol, so i played bowling with them, anyway im so GOOD with playing bowling! haha actually some of my classmates was schoked on me hoho ^^ because i got 105 POINTS in round 1! lol.. they said WOW SUPER! lol.. and actually im not playing bowling when i was in the philippines, just only HERE! hoho :D

What about COOKING? ^^
yeah!  just got home this few hours came from other School. why other School? Because our teacher said everytime we will having activity like COOKING
we will need to go there..i dont know why.. and i have no idea .. anyway i was really shocked when i saw some of my classmates, they're  really GOOD AT COOKING! and i told them "Where did you learn to cook?" they said only in their hause WOW! well it was really SUPER DELICIOUS! specially from ALBANISH ! even i didn't taste their cooked T_T because they did'nt shared it! T_T  but i think their FLEISCH is really delicious! but they're still like selfish lol just kidding! hoho :]]

hmmmm .. YUMMY isn't? superr dupperrr DELICIOUS hihi ^^ if i will give them a POINT? i will give 100% for their COOKED! anyway i would like to thanks to all my classmate who shared their FOOD! hehe .. love you guys! :]

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I don't know
Hey whats wrong with the TITLE? lol .. ekkk~ i really dont know huhu i was not able to post my entries this past few days because im still HIAUTIS with this blog! and im looking forward to move in wordpress but my account there still MAINTENANCE
and i dont know if i am really going to move there for permanently because i dont know how to use it and im newbie for it . and i dont know how to use PHP T_T .. i will move there if someone willing to help me to finish it. Anyone? :]

Anyway, what happen this past few days? well i have so many entries for it
but i was hiatus on that few days.. I can't tell exactly what's happen to me this past few days, but i will going to summarize it for everyone :]

1st is last Tuesday i was not able to go to School because i was sicked!
and that was because of Snow haha because my friends and i before we went to our House we played Snow in our School haha it was so FUN and Guess what guys? ive ate too much Snow haha my friend was so STUPID on that day lol they tripping at me haha so i try to keep played with them haha because it was really so FUN !

2nd day is last Wednesday i was late in our class because i was so tired to wake up and my teacher was really confused at me she said why im always late this past few weeks i have the reason, so i told her because i was so tired to wake up in the morning .. because im always late to sleep everynight but what can i do? even im always trying to keep my eyes to sleep but i can't . so i dont know what i am going to do..

3rd Day is last Thursday i was still watching "ATTENTION PLEASE" staring by Aya Ueto
and ive already finished watching it this few hours ago! And you know what? Im starting to love HER! hehe she was so CUTE and its really fit on her character and yeah Her Partner is Ryo nikishido! haha my one of my favorite Japanese Boy ^^ anyway i don't want to tell here about the Show because im so tired now. well you know i was like the person who always Tired ! haha.
But guys That Show is Really ROCKS! because its Japanese Comedy haha just watch it guys ! ^^

Oh yeah my Last Night! haha and i will also probably never forget it!
i really enjoyed my last night haha i called my friend to go out and take some
Drink like Coffe in Lugner City our favorite place hehe ^^ and guess what guys i really dont have idea on where we going! because she had another friend that we will going to treat all my friends haha.. So we changed our destination. we went to another place and that is MILLENIUM CITY ^^ i was really schoked because i really dont have idea on that time. So after that we're already in Milenium City we went to a Small Bar where More Asian is there! i was Enjoyed my last night haha and Guess what its my 1st time SHISHA haha i was not expected that we will going to take some SHISA in our table lol and just like what ive said its FREE! because She treated all haha :]]

So thats it for to now! ^^ hope you enjoyed reading my whole weeks in 1 entry! hehe ^^

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Back to School
Yeah our school is on monday huhu :( all i need to do is to prepare my self before
monday because i didn't read all my assignment this week yeah i have only 2 days left before our school will start.. so i decided tomorrow morning i will try my best to review it .. i have so many things to do for tomorrow like cleaning my room hayss. i was not yet finished all my homeworks but some pages ive already finished it, maybe i have 2 pages left. so i will try my best to answer and to review it all my homeworks. And to be honest guys im really so lazy to review all my Homework even its really important. but as a STUDENT I WILL DO IT! haha .. hayss i dont know whats going on now !

Anyway my mom was called me on the phone, she said, "you need go to the BANK" ..So i go out to go there at the Bank, and i told it to my mom i need to buy something for my school. After sending money to my sister i decided to go to LUGNER CITY where my Friends and i always there after classes haha and oh i decided to go to another places.. because i can't find something for my school and yes! ive found it already in OTTAKRING! so i was hungry on that time so i think i need to eat something like KEBAP? hehe my favorite FOOD from Turkie ^^

Anyway, i will miss watching Japanese Drama specialy "1 litre of tears" . just like my posted here before.. i got too much TEARS from my eyes haha, and i will probably never forget it .. and im still waiting for my IPOD TOUCH to put all my favorite japanese drama show.Well because my mom still need to finished sending money every weeks.. as always? but i understand it and i still remember when i was in phils. she always sending money every weeks .. YES EVERY WEEKS!. My mom was a really HELPFUL PERSON. She always help them because of Financial ..take note not only my family but also our relatives and her friends!

So anyway my memorable things on my vacation is while im watching japanese drama just like what ive sed before and ive posted here last time.. i haven't finished yet the 4 japanese drama from Ryo Nikishido show.. and i hope my cousin she will find all 6 japanese drama that i wanted to sent her here.. cuz there's no japanese drama here and my mom said only english and german movie GAWD.. what a EUROPE lol.. anyway it's ERUOPE eh? haha.. so i dont think so. and i really hope that she can find it all "GO COUZ!".. anyway guys as u can see this is so RANDOM POST sorry because i was so tired to post this Entry last week because i was so LAZY! anyway guys i'd like to say Good Night now. Thanks for reading^^

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One Litre of Tears
Yesterday i was so bored and i was thinking if im going to watched "ONE LITRE OF TEARS" and thats because im bored yesterday.. ive started to wacthed it. but i was not able to finished because it was too early in the morning and my mom was knocked on my room.. and ofcourse i was scared again.. so i locked my room on that time haha. but after that.I can't stop crying because i was still thinking, what will happen again if i finish watching it. i can't stop crying over this drama.. it was really SAD ! i think ONE LITRE OF TEARS is a SADNESS Drama ive watched!! and finaly ive already finished watching it.. I can't really stop crying from ep8 till the end of eps. it was really so sad :'(

ok this is the STORY about "One litre of Tears" This story was based on the real life .. Aya is a beautiful girl .. But She doesn't know that she had a "Disease" .. Her family doesn't like to tell her the truth about her Disease. because her family was scared to know her about her future.. Aya was a kind of person .. She is a BasketBall player on her School..

She had two Bestfriends that always by her side.. everytime aya had trouble. She was a Conductor in HS Senior. and Her partner is Asou-kun.. Asou-kun was a serious person and she doesn't care if Human was Died. The important to him is Animal not a Human.. But he realized at the end.. Human was very important for him.. Because She was starting to love Aya.. But after all .. Aya was Starting to felt her Disease.. Her Disease is incurable .. thats why her parents was scared to tell her the truth.. Her father really loves her.. Her mother told her that she must go to the Hospital for the check up.. But the Doctor said Her Disease was starting to up on her Body.. So the parents of aya was so sacred on that time.. they can't stop crying about aya and they always worried about their daughter..

After that, Aya was always Late on her classes because she can't move her Foot .. and that is because of her Disease..On that time she was started to use a Wheelchair. Aya was started to go alone to her Doctor.. She wanted to know what kind of Disease she had... But on that time Aya was also scared to know about her Disease.. thats why she did'nt continue to asked her Doctor.. but the second time she was there at Hospital Where She had a friend kinder.. And She was there with the father of kinder. the father of kinder had also a Disease. Aya was started to ask to the mother of her friend. she was asking What kind of Disease had her Husband. Aya was always thinking about her future.. She was thinking that she can't walk and speak on her future.. and She wrote to her Diary if "SHE WILL GET MARRIED".. After that Asou-kun was started to tell the truth for Aya.. Asou-kun said "no matter how slow it'll be, i'll walk with you" Aya was started to cried ..

She can't imagine Asou-kun was become a good at her.. From that time Asou-kun always by her side.. After 5 Years.. Aya was already Died.. Because of "Incurable disease" Her parents can't stop crying about their daughter.. They can't accept it.. after that aya was now in HEAVEN.. and she was live her life to the fullest...


OMG.. huhu another Sadness Japanese Drama :((and I will probably never forget this drama. really touching ! just watch it guys! im telling you that was really Emotional..
hays.. i love this Japanese Drama! I really love it!!!! go and watch it now guys! ONE LITRE OF TEARS anyway guys im starting to love all the OST from this Japense Drama..specialy where Asou-kun Sang for Aya before Aya left on their School..entitled: 3gatsu 9ka by remioromen Click me

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