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Yey I'm Back
oh i miss my bloggiee so its tym to update ! tats why i changed my layout again! this is it! haha.. anyway.. starting from now i will update this blog XP ohh.. im nervious now.. cuz this coming friday is officialy class day! and i hope i will finish my german languages.. cuz dis is my future .. i really want to have job now tats why i need to know how 2 speak german 1st X( ohh GOD i know u always here by my side.. .. and oh i know sometimes on how to speak german! want some example? lol XD ok like for example : "mein name ist JEREVY ich bin achtzehn ich wohne im Wien. ich spreche englisch und tagalog ..und meine hobbys sind musik horen und computer spielen" oh thats it lol.. and i hate my keyboard on my laptop cuz the keyboard it makes me angry aiish i dont know how to explain but in short its DIFFICULT! X(( ok thats it for to now.. bye mwhuaaax XP

Posted on 28 July 2008 | At 4:19 PM | 0 comments

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